Puppy & Kitten Wellness Packages

In order to ensure that your pet receives all the necessary care he or she needs in the first six months, we have developed a simple and affordable solution. The wellness program will cover your pet's health needs for vaccines, parasite testing, deworming, and wellness health exams.

You pet is at risk until the entire series of vaccines is completed. Puppies and kittens should start their veterinary visits at 8 weeks of age. Your pet will need between 3-4 visits; this is determined by their age when they first visit the vet and their current vaccine status.

Vaccines work by dosing your pet with a small amount of antigens which creates a minor immunological response in the body. Their immune system then reacts and creates the necessary antibodies to prevent future infection. The vaccine series for puppies and kittens include vaccines at 3 week intervals.  To ensure a fully developed immune system, vaccines are repeated every 3 weeks.  As previously mentioned the number of visits will be determined by your pet's age and which vaccines they have received. In rare cases, vaccine series will need to be restarted because too much time has lapsed between vaccines.

Puppy Wellness Price: $52.50 (each visit)

Kitten Wellness Price: $47.50 (each visit)

What to expect at each appointment:

  • Wellness (Physical) Health Exam - Eyes, ears, oral cavity, lymph nodes, heart and lungs,skeletal and muscular development, reproductive organ development, 
  • Necessary Vaccines
  • Weight Check (Monitor proper development)
  • Internal Parasite Check (first and last visit) - a stool sample will be examined by a technician or doctor for parasites.
  • Internal Parasite Dewormer - occasionally a pet will have a rarer parasite that may require a different deworming medication (additional fees required).  
  • Nutritional Counseling