Laser Surgery

The health of your pet is as important to us as it is to you. We are pleased to offer an exciting new option to traditional surgery. Laser surgery is an advanced treatment that is safe and comfortable. In many procedures the scalpel can be replaced with the laser to provide a much better alternative. 

The Co2 Surgical Laser used in our clinic for procedures is the same laser that is used at Alamadea East Veterinary Hospital that can be viewed on Animal Planet tv shows, "Emergency Vets" and "E-Vet Interns." 

Due to the many benefits of laser surgery we recommend that it be used on all procedures.


Dear Lake Lansing Road Animal Clinic, 

I am lucky enough to have a dog who will turn 18 in two days. He had a nasty looking wart steadily growing below his ear and a smaller wart on the top of his head. I continued to worry that he would rub his face on the ground and cause the warts to bleed and create additional problems. At his age, traditional surgery was out of the question. When the laser option became available, Dr. Jones suggested that Tracy would be a good candidate since the laser surgery could be performed using a local anesthetic and I would be able to take Tracy home following the surgery. I was a bit nervous since I wasn?t sure Tracy would hold still long enough to perform the surgery and I was concerned about the degree of pain he would feel afterward. I had no reason to worry. I couldn?t believe how easy it was. Tracy never exhibited any sign of stress or discomfort, even after the local anesthetic wore off. Thank you once again for the wonderful care you?ve provided for my dog. 

Sincerely, Karen Kligman