Skin and ear ailments are one of the most common reasons pet owners seek veterinary care.  Determining the cause of itching, scabs, or changes in your pets coat and skin can be challenging.  A thorough history of your pet's skin issues is invaluable in helping the veterinarian make a diagnosis.  If your pet suffers from itchy skin, scabs or sores, fur loss, bumps, or changes in the appearance of the skin, take a moment to fill out our Dermatology History Form and bring it along to your appointment.  This valuable information can help Dr. Jones, Dr. Zarka, or Dr. Smyka more accurately treat and diagnose your pet's ailment.  

Dermatology History Form

Helpful diagnostics to determine the cause of your pet's skin issues may include taking a sample from the affected ear or skin with a swab or slide to examine under the microscope for infectious agents or abnormal cells.  Skin scraping and/or hair plucking may help diagnose different types of mite infestations.  These tests are nonpainful, noninvasive procedures for your pet that can give big clues to the cause of the problem!

We are pleased to partner with Heska Allercept Allergy Assessment and Treatment Services to offer allergy testing and treatment that is specific to an individual pet's needs.  The Heska test can identify significant reactions to 48 different allergens, including grasses, mites, trees, weeds, pollens, and fleas.  Significant allergies to any of these can be treated by immunotherapy, or exposure to very low doses of the offending allergen, which over time can decrease or eliminate the allergic reaction.