Service Dog Discount

Assistance dogs and therapy dogs provide a special service to the community and individuals in need. At Lake Lansing Road Animal Clinic we recognize the special role they play in their handler's life.  We also realize that certain service dogs are trained for their unique abilities and need to be treated differently from the typical family pet.

We appreciate the role these incredible dogs, trainers, and handlers play.  They continue to make a tremendous impact locally and globally and that?s why we offer the LLRAC Service Dog Commitment and Discount.

 We are committed to:

  •     Treat you dog appropriately - in order to not interfere with their unique training
  •     Provide our Best Medical Recommendations
  •     Work with owners/handlers/trainers to find unique solutions to unique cases

In exchange for these dogs' selfless and faithful service to the community we are happy to offer the following discount:        

  •     Service/Assistance Dog Discount.........10% off Medical Services*
  • *Discount is only applicable to the service dog and to qualify please bring in the appropriate records indicating your dog's certification. 

We acknowledge the role a veterinarian can play in these special dogs' lives and appreciate your faith in our medical team.

SERVICE DOGS - are often referred to as Assistance dogs, Guide dogs, or Hearings Dogs.  Each of these dogs are specifically trained to utilize their abilities to help a person with a disability in daily life.  We also consider Police dogs to be service dogs.

THERAPY DOGS - are trained to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, and mental health centers. 

BOTH therapy dogs and service dogs are required to pass their respective tests before being allowed to serve in the community.

For over 25 years, Lake Lansing Road Animal Clinic has worked with various service dogs, police dogs, and therapy dogs. We look forward to meeting you and your special dog.